How do I pay conference fees?

Once it opens later this year, after you register online at, you will receive a confirmation email from within 2-3 days outlining the next steps. Please note that an online registration does not constitute of full registration to the conference; you will be required to submit various forms of documentation, as well as a method of payment prior to your delegates receiving committee/position assignments and more information on how to prepare and succeed at CINCYMUN.

How can I prepare for this conference?

Being familiar with United Nations Rules and Procedures is probably the best place to start, especially if you have never done Model UN before. Once you have mastered these key ground rules, then it is time to move on to familiarizing yourself with the Background Guide of the committee you have been assigned to. Background Guides will be made available on the Committees page later this year.

Committee assignments are made on a rolling basis upon successful submission of a completed Conference Registration Form by email to In other words, the sooner you get this form to us (which includes each student's committee preference), the sooner you can begin preparing and researching.

What is a Background Guide?

A very important document that is presented to delegates before the conference that catalyzes conference preparation. It contains all information that Committee Chairs and Crisis Directors require Delegates to have prior to committee on Friday morning.

What is a Model UN conference?

Some Model UN exercises take place in the classroom and others are school-wide. Model UN events that are regional, national or international are called conferences. Conferences are much larger, with participants from all over the United States and the world. More than one million people have participated in Model UN conferences around the world since the activity became popular. Today there are well over 500 conferences across 52 countries. Conference can have as few as 30 students or as many as 3,000.

Who participates in Model United Nations?

The popularity of Model UN continues to grow and more than 400,000 middle school, high school and college/university students worldwide participate every year. Many of today's leaders in law, government, business and the arts participated in MUN:

  • US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

  • Former World Court Justice Stephen M. Schwebel

  • ABC's This Week anchor George Stephanopoulos

  • Former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon

  • Actor Samuel L. Jackson

What is a Model UN delegate?

A Model UN delegate is a student who assumes the role of an ambassador to the United Nations in a Model UN simulation. Prior to a conference or event, a Model UN delegate does not need extensive experience in international relations. Anyone can participate in Model UN, so long as they have the ambition to learn something new and to work with people to try and make a difference in the world. Model UN students tend to go on to become great leaders in politics, law, business, education and medicine, such as the people mentioned above.

Why should I participate in Model UN?

Model UN promotes students' and teachers' interest in world around them and broadens a student's knowledge in a variety of subjects. Model UN also teaches vital skills in negotiation, public speaking, problem solving, conflict resolution, research and communication. Model UN also gives students and teachers the opportunity to meet interesting new people and make new friends.

What are some of the educational benefits of Model UN?

For over 60 years, teachers and students have benefited from and enjoyed this interactive learning experience. It not only involves young people in the study and discussion of global issues, but also encourages the development of skills useful throughout their lives, such as research, writing, public speaking, problem solving, consensus building, conflict resolution and compromise and cooperation.

What should I wear to CINCYMUN?

 Some good examples of appropriate attire 

Some good examples of appropriate attire 

Dressing professionally is an important part of Model UN preparation. Just like being polite and having proper manners, dressing appropriately is an important way to show respect for the nation you are representing, for your fellow delegates and for the United Nations. We require Western (international standard) business attire, which serves as customary dress for workplaces.

It includes wearing a suit, which is made up of pants, a matching jacket, a button-down dress shirt, and a tie. Conservative dress shoes and socks are also important. Skirts and dresses may also be worn. The main thing to remember is to always insure that your appearance is tidy and put together.