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Fast Facts:

  • CINCYMUN is the UC Model United Nations Team's inaugural Collegiate Model UN conference. 
  • The conference will take place  Thursday Nov. 29 - Sunday Dec. 2, 2018, with committees starting on Friday morning
  • Contact us at,, or 440-752-0736 with questions.
  • Please see our registration page and note that we are offering large discounts!


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Dear delegates,

We are hosting CINCYMUN because we have a passion for Model UN. We participate in MUN because we love it and we grow from it. Through this conference, we wish to give delegates a chance to learn and grow. But we all know that MUN is much more than an academic exercise. The cliche saying is that "MUN is fun." I think that just skims the surface. MUN is awesome. It's incredible. It is a chance for students to travel across the country with their friends, make new friends, explore new cities, and learn all the while.

Our team of seasoned members has experienced what makes conferences great and what makes them lousy. This collective knowledge will allow us to host a fantastic conference for CINCYMUN delegates. We aren't simply going through the motions and checking off boxes with the planning for this conference. We are thinking seriously about what makes a great MUN experience. We aren't concerned with trivial details, but with what makes or breaks a conference. If you, the delegates, are traveling hundreds or thousands of miles for a conference, you deserve to experience something remarkable. And if our team is putting in countless hours of preparation, we owe it to ourselves to produce an incredible product.

We believe MUN should be exciting. Every committee, regardless of the topic, should be dynamic and engaging. We are developing committees that delegates will remember being part of for years to come. We are dedicated to great crisis story lines, GA's that aren't dull, and committees that are fun and educational. We think you should learn from your committee and having fun doing it. And we haven't forgotten social events. No one can deny that after-committee hours are important to college MUN conferences. We are lucky to be located in an exciting big city with vibrant urban neighborhoods full of young people. The area around campus features great nightlife, including downtown and historic Over-the-Rhine. We are picking some of the best spots to host our conference social events. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Cincinnati and promise you'll experience an unforgettable conference.


Charles Heintel, Conference Director

Testimonials from our 2017 conference

We had a great experience, and its been my favorite conference yet!
This was our first conference, and we are glad it was this conference!
Thank you! ... the chair was really great, and I had a lot of fun going to war!